Reno, Nevada’s 7 Seconds has been around for over three decades, and while the band is synonymous with hardcore’s youth crew movement – due in part to its now-classic track about eternal exuberance “Young ‘Til I Die” – the band has slowed its pace in recent years. Released in 2005, the band’s most recent album, Take It Back, Take It On, Take It Over!, was the its most vital in nearly a decade, signaling that even as the band aged it could still best the young acts that drew from its influence. Now, eight years later, the band offers its first piece of new music in the form of “My Aim Is You.”

Proving that vocalist Kevin Seconds' solo outings have done nothing to diminish his ability to soar atop pop-laden hardcore, “My Aim Is You” is the A-side to a forthcoming 7-inch on Rise Records, and while it breezes by quickly it’s enough of a reminder as to why The Crew was so inspiring in the first place.