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Listen, let's not overthink this: Here's The Office acted out by SpongeBob actors

The only real connection between SpongeBob SquarePants and The Office is that they’re TV shows starring at least one character apiece who wears a tie. Otherwise, there is absolutely no reason to expect the two series to intersect in any way—and certainly no precedent for a clip to exist of SpongeBob voice actors reading a scene from The Office.

Well, thanks to The Nerdist’s Talkin’ Toons, we now have this absurdist peanut butter and chocolate of internet videos: prolific voice actor Rob Paulsen (who played a seagull in The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out Of Water) and Mr. Krabs himself, Clancy Brown, assuming the roles of Michael and Dwight from The Office.

Paulsen, who plays Dwight as Jimmy Neutron’s Carl Wheezer, squeaks out one half of The Office’s “Crentist The Dentist” scene while Brown reprises his time as crustacean-in-pants Mr. Krabs to play Michael catching Dwight in a work-related lie. Unfortunately, they stop short of doing the part where Michael explains the psychology of a jungle tiger, which would have been nice to hear in the voice of a crab man.


Does any of this make sense? Absolutely not! But, Paulsen and Brown cracking each other up by just sort of rolling with the possibilities inherent to being the actors behind such well-known voices is genuinely nice to see. The bit also introduces the idea of a wonderful imaginary version of The Office, now animated, that takes place entirely beneath the waves of the sea, the cast turned into anemones (Kevin) and clown fish (Andy) and assorted bits of floating trash (Toby).

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