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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
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The giddy response to Joss Whedon's Shakespeare lark Much Ado About Nothing has translated into an equally giddy distribution deal through Lionsgate, who couldn't resist snapping up the director's extremely low-budget take on the Bard after it became such a buzzed-about presence at the Toronto International Film Festival. Lionsgate, of course, recently got into the Whedon business when it rescued Cabin In The Woods from MGM's detritus pile, and in a statement to Deadline, Whedon offered more gratitude for them once again taking a chance on the plucky little director behind one of the biggest films of all time as he tackles the world's most famous playwright. (Besides, considering how little it cost to make, the film could recoup its budget and then some with a single day of screenings.) Now a much wider audience will finally get to see Fred and Wesley be happy together, as Shakespeare intended.


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