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Lionsgate pretty sure it can turn that Dead Island video game trailer into a whole movie franchise

Like many who saw the surprisingly emotional trailer for Dead Island, Lionsgate executive Joe Drake believed the zombie apocalypse survival game to be “sophisticated, edgy, and a true elevation of a genre that we know and love.” Of course, most people who have actually played the game have since learned that it’s a pretty standard shooter in which you run around an island resort slaughtering zombies, occasionally stopping to unzip a suitcase. Nevertheless, that trailer—so poignant, so moving, so full of melancholy piano chords!—is essentially what will now become a movie based, in Drake’s words, on Dead Island’s “built-in brand recognition around the world and franchise potential,” which are the two things that Drake looks for in a story. (Like how Drake believes that Taylor Lautner's Abduction is his studio's version of the Bourne franchise.) That it doesn’t differ greatly from any other zombie movie out there doesn’t seem to be a concern, because dude, did you see that trailer? Here is the trailer. It's worth at least two or three movies, easily.

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