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Lionsgate has confirmed that a Knives Out sequel is on the way

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Early last month, we reported that Knives Out director Rian Johnson was developing a sequel that would follow the continued mystery adventures of Daniel Craig’s Foghorn Leghorn—err, Benoit Blanc. Craig was also reportedly up for a sequel, so the only catch was that Lionsgate (the studio behind the first one) had no officially given a sequel the proverbial green light. That is no longer the case, as Deadline is reporting that Lionsgate has given Johnson the go-ahead for a Knives Out sequel. Plus, Deadline says Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer implied that a production date for the sequel is “imminent,” so it might even be coming sooner rather than later (assuming Johnson is happy with his script, though there’ll be some extra pressure on him in that department if Knives Out takes home the Best Original Screenplay Oscar on Sunday night).

Now, with a sequel on the board, we can officially start arguing about what we want to see in a Knives Out sequel. Should Craig have a different, funnier accent? Should there be a Moriarty-type figure who has an even thicker accent? Will there be more big sweaters? Will the Thrombey family show up at all? The first movie established a connection between Benoit Blanc’s father and Harlan Thrombey, so there could theoretically be an excuse to bring back that awful family and/or Ana de Armas’ Marta Cabrera. Her pukey superpower wouldn’t be as useful in a mystery that she had no involvement in, but it would be fun to see the whole gang again... except maybe that Nazi child. And all those stuck-up, entitled, racist Trumpers in the rest of the family. You know what, screw the Thrombeys.

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