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Lionsgate finally has second thoughts about a Dirty Dancing remake

Deadline reports that Lionsgate's previously announced Dirty Dancing remake from High School Musical director Kenny Ortega has been postponed until at least 2014—a decision the studio has blamed on issues with "casting," its preferred euphemism for the blood and viscera that rains from the ceiling whenever the ghost of Patrick Swayze howls about such a swift violation of his legacy. There were also problems involving the more literal interpretation of the term, with the studio reportedly unsatisfied with screen tests involving people like Dancing With The Stars' Derek Hough and Glee's Lea Michele—despite Michele trembling her lip at an appropriately cinematic, heretofore-unmatched velocity—and apparently wanting to wait until another year has yielded a new bounty of faddish young celebrities. In the meantime, Lionsgate has essentially put its own Baby in a corner, where it will await its own leather-jacketed, suspiciously older savior to lift it into its arms in an expertly choreographed triumph that maybe also has a little bit of a hip-hop edge.


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