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Much like a ragtag group of survivors, clinging beyond all reasonable hope to life in a world where literally everyone else has been turned into a flesh-hungry monster, Lionsgate is apparently planning on riding out this whole zombie thing a little longer. It’s just picked up zombie drama Maggie in advance of its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival.


To be fair, if the zombie genre has any hope of revitalization, then Maggie would be the one to do it. The film stars Abigail Breslin as a teenage girl infected with a disease that slowly turns its victims into zombies, while Arnold Schwarzenegger plays the loving father who refuses to abandon her, even as civilization collapses around them. Maggie marks the feature film debut of both screenwriter John Scott 3 and director Henry Hobson, so the script must be very strong to attract A-list talent like Schwarzenegger and Breslin. Plus, the idea of a feature-length repudiation of the “she’s not your mother anymore” trope sounds like it could actually be…touching? Goddamn it, does this mean we also have to see Life After Beth now?

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