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Lionel Richie once sent Dave Grohl “6,000 muffins”

(Photo: Bryan Steffy/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

Back in 2015, the Foo Fighters were forced to abruptly cancel their headlining set at the Glastonbury Festival, after Dave Grohl broke his leg during a particularly energetic performance in Sweden. Although the band received a number of tributes in the wake of the accident—including a performance of “Times Like These” by replacement headliners Florence + The Machine—one carby gesture appears to have touched Grohl more than all the rest.

This is per a recent Guardian interview, in which Grohl—who’s finally making up the festival set with the rest of the Foo Fighters this Saturday—reveals that, shortly after breaking his leg, his wife came into his hotel room with news that he’d received “the biggest muffin basket I’ve seen in my entire life!” “There must have been 6,000 fucking muffins,” Grohl said, using an unknown amount of baked-good-based hyperbole. The note on the basket said it was from “PTO”; it wasn’t until hours later that Grohl found out that they came from soul legend Lionel Richie.


“I love Lionel Richie!” Grohl noted enthusiastically, although it’s unclear how much of that was based in being the recipient of such a baked bounty. In any case, he apparently paid the favor back the following year, sending Richie his own massive selection of muffins during a SiriusXM Town Hall event.

[via Page Six]


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