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Illustration for article titled Linkin Park’s “In The End” assembled from 185 different films

Crossing decades, genres, and tones, one YouTube user has created the ultimate lyrical tribute to Linkin Park that few knew was needed. The Unusual Suspect (a.k.a. Ross Thompson) has gone through over 180 films to borrow words and phrases to fit the gloomy angst of Linkin Park’s “In The End.” By assembling this supercut, Thompson mashes together films of all different stripes, with Die Hard, Disney’s Beauty And The Beast, and Eyes Wide Shut all sharing the screen to echo the lyrics of Chester Bennington.


It’s an astounding amount of work that seamlessly goes together to pull off the song with just the right timing. But it’s also a bit whiplash-inducing in how fast and how many different films pass before the viewer’s eyes, a testament to the time that Thompson has put in to this project. There’s no reason why this exists, but isn’t a world that finds Mark Wahlberg, Dave Chappelle, and Bella from Twilight singing together a slightly better one?

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