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Linkin Park and Blink-182 create unholy union called “Blinkin Park”

Screenshot: Funny Or Die

Look: Romance is hard. First dates are particularly bad, a fumbling moment in which two ostensibly lonely humans attempt to sniff out the other’s possibilities as a partner. A new video from Funny Or Die starring Blink-182 and Linkin Park explores this, following the story of two people on a date who take advice from the bands in order to better hit it off and maybe stave off the lonely death that is the fate of all sentient beings.


A First Date with Blink 182 & Linkin Park from Funny Or Die

The video inspires a glimmer of hope that, despite our faults, we may end up with someone special. Because while Blink-182 may have splintered with longtime member Tom DeLonge, and Linkin Park may be Linkin Park, at least these two crazy groups of millennial alt-rockers have each other. Yes, the two are heading out on a “Blinkin Park” mini-tour, along with obnoxious person Machine Gun Kelly and whatever portion of the Wu-Tang Clan can be convinced to show up. True love is hard to find, but sticking together through thick, thin, and a tour with Machine Gun Kelly—that’s the sort of logic-defying love for which we all can only yearn. Especially given Mark Hoppus’ increasingly unfortunate haircut.

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