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Right now, there are unseen forces pulling the strings of fate and deciding for the rest of us whether or not a Netflix Zelda series will be real project, is just a rumor, or is a Neill Blomkamp-style rumor that turns into a real project.

In the meantime, The Zelda Project is a group of self-professed fans who love the Hyrulian world of Zelda, and “seek to bring to life the characters, settings, and overall feel of Ocarina Of Time through photography and film.” Thus, this fan-made trailer with music supplied by Player Piano, a collaboration that focuses on classical arrangements of video game themes.


A good part of the overall feel of Ocarina Of Time is having to ride Epona for long periods of time, and The Zelda Project has certainly nailed that aspect. According to the official site, the teaser is actually a prequel to a film short that will document the final boss fight between Link and Ganondorf.

The trailer concludes with Link dismounting with Ganondorf’s mountainous lair looming in the distance. Navi’s falsetto moral support undercuts some of the high drama, but that’s just the Zelda Project keeping it real.

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