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Lindsay’s ratings, like the new Lindsay Lohan, are modest

Lindsay debuted to lukewarm numbers: Just under 700,000 viewers watched the debut episode of the eight-part unscripted series on her post-rehab life that was filmed in 2013. Oprah snagged the first interview with Lohan after the starlet’s sixth stint in rehab, and part of that deal was this series.

OWN president Erik Logan told The Wrap that Lindsay is an attempt to bring younger viewers to the network, whose key demographic is currently women 25-54. And Entertainment Weekly reports that these numbers are far lower than what OWN pulled when Oprah interviewed Lance Armstrong last year.


Lindsay ended up being far more about Lohan as a beleaguered figure than an unabashed party girl, which may have something to do with its performance. It definitely seems audiences are more interested in Lohan when she’s a total mess.

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