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Lindsay Lohan's father puts his feelings into song

While Lindsay Lohan is still in state-mandated time-out until at least this weekend, she’s been making the most of it by getting back in touch with the simpler things in life and rediscovering her “artistic side”—according to her attorney, anyway, who recently told People, “She’s creating art… She’s eating some Twizzlers.” Like Dostoevsky before her, imprisonment and candied licorice have stoked Lohan’s creative fires to the point where she plans on recording a batch of new songs “the second she gets out,” and TMZ may have just found the perfect collaborator for a show-stopping duet: her estranged father.

Today Michael Lohan released his very own single dedicated to his daughter, featuring lyrics he wrote all by himself during his own incarceration, then recorded using an unnamed friend on vocals and all of Richard Marx’s leftover keyboards. You can check out the untitled song here, which finds Michael Lohan lamenting that he “raised you to understand all the good in life / Should have taken my own advice,” while also admonishing that he’s “Heard the stories and the lies, but if you need me, dear, my love is still alive.” Warning: If you haven’t called your dad in a while and thanked him for not spreading rumors that you have HIV, the room may get awfully dusty.


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