Despite being one of the few rocks in Lindsay Lohan’s life that she didn’t crush up and snort, Inferno director Matthew Wilder has backed off of his frequent, grandstanding, occasionally-quoting-The-Last-Temptation-Of-Christ declarations that his Linda Lovelace biopic could wait until Lohan’s personal drama was over, whenever that might be. Wilder recently told RadarOnline that he is currently developing a “Plan B” should Lohan’s current court-ordered stint in rehab (which continues until at least January 3, 2011) interfere with his plans to shoot next year, including meeting with other actresses who “really want the part, too.” (At least wait until the body is cold, Helen Mirren.) The news probably will come as some relief to Lohan once she sobers up and realizes that her life was once in such disarray, she was considering smearing semen on her face and fucking a dog as a way of relaunching her acting career.