2007 will go down as the year that America's love affair with Lindsay Lohan officially ended. (Again. Seriously, this time for real.) Following a string of bad press and more press about how much bad press she's been getting and then even more press about how the press should stop just talking about how much bad press she's been getting, Lohan wrapped up the year by being named as having contributed the worst performance by an actress in a poll conducted of AOL's Moviefone voters, which Reuters (and now we) felt compelled to report on in lieu of actual news and because it's fun to dump on her. "Which performance?" you may be saying, you snarky bastard. Not surprisingly, it was Lohan's role as an amnesiac stripper amputee in mega-flop I Know Who Killed Me that took home the top prize, though her shrill turn in Georgia Rule didn't escape attention: Voters put Lohan's other 2007 misfire at second place for "biggest waste of a movie ticket," right behind Norbit. Still, maybe 2008 is the year LiLo turns it around: a comic romp about two girls who murder homeless men may be just what she needs to…no? You're going to prematurely trash that one too? Man, what's a girl gotta do to get a little redemption around here?