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Lindsay Lohan to play herself on Charlie Sheen's Anger Management, which is funny because she actually has problems

Sensing that Anger Management was in danger of having its therapeutic importance overshadowed by sitcom frivolity, Charlie Sheen has booked Lindsay Lohan as his next pretend-patient, providing her with the same radical faux-rehabilitation treatment he’s engineered for himself, where you don’t have to change anything about yourself and you get paid for lightly mocking your very real problems. Lohan will guest star in an episode of the FX comedy as herself, a role that ensures there will be no confusion when jokes are made regarding Sheen’s character, “Charlie,” providing aid to Lindsay Lohan’s character, “Lindsay Lohan,” and the two wind up in a romantic relationship similar to their upcoming dalliance in Scary Movie 5—the joke in both cases being that their ruinous private lives have made it impossible for them to do any actual acting ever again.  The announcement also comes not long after Sheen made a more overt gesture of charity by cutting Lohan a $100,000 check for her tax debts, giving Lohan’s cameo the extra-funny kick of it also being the dutiful repayment of a loan.

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