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Lindsay Lohan tells Piers Morgan she was racially profiled

Photo: Anadolu Agency/Getty

This might be the moment, months from now, that look you back upon and think, “First they came for the Lohans, and I did nothing.” In an interview today on Good Morning Britain, the actor told noted civil rights hero Piers Morgan she was racially profiled recently at the airport. GMB has strangely edited the clip below to remove the politically charged phrase, but The Mirror has the clip in full, with the complete quote: “I got stopped recently and racially profiled for the first time in my life.“ It was at London’s Heathrow airport, where she was told to take off her headscarf—even after the customs agent looked at her passport and saw that she was, indeed, Lindsay Lohan.

This came on the heels of Morgan trying to get Lohan to say she was converting to Islam, despite her repeated insistence it was far too early in her “journey” studying the Quran to make such a claim. Admitting she was disturbed by the incident, she also said she was unable to “speak for what the purpose of it was,” aside from more evidence of the world’s ongoing systematic oppression of Lohans.


She also tried to make a point about how other women wouldn’t feel comfortable removing their headscarves, and maybe that’s a problem, too, but Piers Morgan didn’t seem as interested in that as he was with asking her about his new best friend Donald Trump. The two commiserated over the poor treatment Trump has gotten, with Morgan recruiting the actor to publicly support his view that “the hysteria is slightly overplayed.” Which, sure, sensible pivot from Lindsay Lohan being told to have her headscarf removed. “Tut tut, Trump, much ado about nothing, crumpets,” Morgan presumably said, because we’re giving him exactly the same level of critical analysis he brings to every topic he investigates.

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