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Putting a triumphant cap on her slow climb back into Hollywood's grudging tolerance, Lindsay Lohan is officially starring in studio press releases again, beginning with her appearance in this just-issued confirmation from Lifetime that Lohan will star in its long-rumored Elizabeth Taylor movie. Lohan's role in the press release is a departure from more recent Lohan turns, in which she's mostly been popping up in tabloid reports about nightclub fights, reprising a familiar performance that's led some to believe she's forever doomed to typecasting. But the Lifetime press release allows Lohan to show another of her at least two sides—namely, the side that enjoys impersonating dead iconic women—and gives her room to stretch as an actress by pretending as though the chance to star in a Lifetime movie is an "honor." There are other comic moments in there as well, beginning with the fact that the film will be titled Liz & Dick (a sobriquet that Taylor hated, but also Lindsay Lohan will be playing her, so maybe she just shouldn't have died), but even these absurdities are unmatched by the overall suspension of disbelief required to consider a Lindsay Lohan movie a reality until all of her scenes have actually been shot—a leap that, frankly, could prove too much for some audiences.


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