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Illustration for article titled Lindsay Lohan backs out of Barbara Walters interview after learning it may have involved questions about Lindsay Lohan

Narrowly avoiding an obvious set-up for "gotcha" journalism, Lindsay Lohan has backed out of a scheduled interview with 20/20's Barbara Walters, after learning that Walters planned to ask her questions. Lohan was originally scheduled to sit down with Walters on Nov. 16, during which it was presumed they would simply stare tenderly at each other for 45 minutes, Walters' sympathetic, motherly gaze whispering an unspoken, "You are loved" to Lohan, who could really use that right now. Then maybe they would play some clips from Lifetime's upcoming Liz & Dick, after which Walters would allow Lohan to curl up in her lap while she fondly recalled anecdotes from her own time with Elizabeth Taylor and stroked Lohan's hair, Walters' gentle murmuring creating the first safe space for Lohan she'd felt in ages. Soft words, caressing Lohan's too-hardened ears, making her briefly feel young again.


Instead, Lohan's newly hired PR team became "dissatisfied with the direction ABC wanted to take the interview," which didn't involve any of that, and may have even included questions about Lohan's life. "If you were a tree, would you be worried about Lindsay Lohan crashing into you?" Barbara Walters may have asked, and that's not going to help Lindsay Lohan feel good about herself. Not at all.

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