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Adding another croaking, Tom Waits-esque chorus to her ongoing redemption song, Lindsay Lohan will guest star on Glee, playing herself as one of the celebrity judges at the all-important “nationals” and as a person who is completely committed to rehabilitating her image, which is at least more lucrative than the other kind of rehabilitation. Much like her recent, gently self-deprecating appearance on Saturday Night Live, Lohan turning up on Glee would be yet another sign that she’s ready to have a disconcertingly throaty laugh at herself again: After all, it was just over a year ago that the slightly grayer Lohan threatened legal action against the show for a joke in which Gwyneth Paltrow’s substitute teacher character mocked Lohan’s many stints in rehab, which everyone was supposed to keep secret.


But Lohan seems to have forgotten all about that—much like Ryan Murphy seems to have forgotten all about his promise to not have any guest stars this season while booking appearances from Jeff Goldblum, Helen Mirren, Gloria Estefan, and Ricky Martin so far, and now adding a three-episode arc from Whoopi Goldberg as a professor at a New York arts academy. Though to be fair, we certainly wouldn’t be talking about Glee otherwise. [via TV Line]

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