Here’s a video that finally answers the lingering question on The Lego Movie fans’ minds: “What if Renaissance painter Michelangelo and Abraham Lincoln teamed up to fight crime?” Part of The Lego Movie Blu-ray’s special features, Michelangelo And Lincoln: History Cops is a winning faux-trailer in the bricksploitation style (a genre that demands to be willed into existence), featuring Michelangelo as the loose cannon who can’t play by the rules, and Abraham Lincoln as the time-traveling partner he just might need to save the city from the warring Botticelli and Medici gangs.

Will Forte reprises his role as the voice of Abraham Lincoln from both The Lego Movie and cult-classic animated series Clone High, and the short keeps the sprightly absurdist humor from both of those works, like Lincoln’s line, “I release you from the shackles of freedom!” and a pinstriped Lego enforcer who sneers, “Lorenzo de Medici sends his regards” before attacking Abe with a painting. [via io9]