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Lin-Manuel Miranda's hosting a watch party for Hamilton's big Disney+ debut

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Tomorrow is July 3, a day that many people—not just patriots with a poor sense of calendar use—have been waiting for for some time. That’s because said auspicious occasion marks the Disney+ debut of the official filmed theatrical version of Hamilton, a musical that, for so many unable to see it live, has had to live for years in glimpses of stage productions and endless rotations of a best-selling soundtrack album. But worry not, “Wait For It- obsessed theater nerds: You’re not going to have to get through this emotional experience alone. (We, personally, are setting aside a full box of tissues for when we’ve gotta get through “Quiet Uptown.”) The production’s star and author, Lin-Manuel Miranda, has announced that he’s putting together a watch party for fans of the show, which will run tomorrow evening, starting at 6 p.m. Central.

Per Rolling Stone, Miranda won’t be partying solo, either: He’ll be accompanied by a pretty hefty swathe of the show’s original cast (all of whom are on-stage in this version of the rap musical, which was filmed back in 2016). Leslie Odom Jr., Anthony Ramos, Renee Elise Goldsberry, and Christopher Jackson will all be on hand to offer up commentary—plus Miranda’s Hamilton alternate, Javier Muńoz, music director Alex Lacamoire, and choreographer Stephanie Klemons. That’s a pretty full house, but hey: If you’re going to finally make up for all those failed lottery attempts and actually get to see this damn thing on stage, you might as well roll with a full crew when you do, right?

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