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Lin-Manuel Miranda takes his final bow as Hamilton

Photo: Bruce Glikas/Getty

Lin-Manuel Miranda, Phillipa Soo, Ariana DeBose, and Leslie Odom Jr. said goodbye to their turns in Hamilton over the weekend. But Mashable has gathered together some photos of their final evening so that we can all reminisce and to remind those of us who weren’t there that we indeed were not there. It may have cost some folks thousands of dollars to peep Miranda’s final show, but these measly photos are free! After his final performance as the star bastard, orphan, son of a whore, Miranda tweeted for fans to meet him at the marquee outside the theater. Standing atop the marquee with an umbrella in hand, Miranda waved to his admirers one last time… or, at least, until he decides to make an appearance at Ham4Ham again (according to his wife, where there’s an audience, a Lin-Manuel Miranda will follow).

Miranda also had an after-party to commemorate the evening and another major change in his life: a haircut. He shed the Hamilton hair, and apparently Jennifer Lopez was there to witness it. Miranda and Lopez have been collaborating on a new song dedicated to the victims of the Orlando shooting.

Photo: Nicholas Hunt/Getty

Last night’s curtain call was live-streamed on the official Hamilton Facebook page and, like most live streams, it almost went smoothly. People lucky enough to not have their streams freeze got to watch the cast bow to The West Wing’s theme music.

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