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As we patiently wait for the fourth and final round of shenanigans from our beloved Soul Squad (formerly Team Cockroach), the good people over at The Good Place: The Podcast are using the downtime to chat with some of the show’s more famous admirers. Lin-Manuel Miranda has been a longtime, vocal fan of Good Place creator Mike Schur’s work, which landed him a guest spot during the most recent season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.


In the next episode of the Good Place Podcast, Miranda takes a brief respite from his supremely busy schedule to chat with host Marc Evan Jackson about playing Amy Santiago’s (Melissa Fumero) brother, some of the creative inspiration behind his most famous work to date, how he narrowly manages to not be “extremely online” while still crafting a notable presence on Twitter, and much more. But he’s also there to answer the tough questions. Check out the exclusive clip below where Miranda answers the question: Which is better - Hamilton or The Good Place?

He also took a moment to reveal how his Twitter account became a blueprint for daily kindness.

Miranda’s episode of The Good Place: The Podcast drops on Monday, you wonderful nerds.

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