(Photo: J. Kempin/Getty Images)

Lin-Manuel Miranda can make a musical out of just about anything political. First, of course, he tackled Alexander Hamilton. Now it’s on to Donald Trump. Sort of. GQ put Miranda—its new cover star—on a New York sightseeing bus and had him make like Louise and sing out. Miranda’s task involved crooning Trump tweets and he delivered the vile, bombastic remarks with gusto.

He let a sly smile creep over his face as Trump’s “I love Hispanics” came out of his mouth and got somber during a weird 9/11 reference. Okay, so the bit is somewhat reminiscent of Josh Groban belting Kanye Tweets for Jimmy Kimmel or Audra McDonald doing Yahoo! Answers for Fallon, but it hits that zeitgeist sweet spot. We’re only surprised they didn’t have him rewrite the opening of Hamilton to fit Trump, hitting the “bastard” line particularly hard.