(Photo: Limp Bizkit/Facebook)

We’ve all had a lot of fun over the past decade and a half at the expense of nu-metal fans. That’s not meant to be a shaming statement—nu-metal is ridiculous. It’s more just a statement of fact. But there’s one equally ridiculous subset of metal fandom that has been operating under the radar for far too long, and that’s black metal. You know, those very serious guys in the black T-shirts who consider pleasant sounds and legible writing for the weak and have about a million different ways to rationalize Varg Vikernes’ white nationalism? Well, guess what, snobs: Limp Bizkit is about to ruin your day.

Presumably now that Suicide Squad’s stolen its “this would look a lot cooler with flames on it, bro” schtick, the band’s been experimenting with re-branding itself in the form of a couple of new logos it’s debuted on social media. One has sort of a Motörhead/Guns N’ Roses vibe, for the Limp Bizkit fan who indulges in both Jack Daniels and whippits on the weekends. Then there’s this one:


That’s actually one of the more legible black-metal style band logos we’ve seen—try deciphering what this one says—which also makes it one of the lamer ones. The overall effect of a black-metal logo is supposed to be that of being chased through a subzero Norwegian night by an immortal ice witch, not waking up after a bender with a tribal tattoo of uncertain provenance. Maybe that deliberately alienating subculture is safe after all.

[via Metal Sucks]