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Limp Bizkit almost made Slayer’s Kerry King quit music

(Photo: Getty Images/Michael Ochs Archives, Larry Hulst)

Limp Bizkit has been working on its sixth studio album—Stampede Of The Disco Elephants—for almost five years now, but surely we can all remember where we were when we first heard the majesty of “Nookie” back in 1999. Slayer guitarist Kerry King definitely remembers, because the sheer horror of Limp Bizkit’s popularity almost made him quite playing music altogether. As part of an interview with UDiscoverMusic (via Noisey), King explained that he got really jaded in the late ‘90s, and he just couldn’t wrap his head around how Fred Durst and his rowdy boys were so successful. “It affected me,” he said. “I didn’t want to play music. I thought, if this is the way that music’s going, then fuck this. I hate it.”

This jadedness apparently came through on Slayer’s 1998 album Diabolus In Musica, which King says he basically checked out of during recording. That album predates “Nookie,” but it sill saw Slayer attempting to reach Limp Bizkit’s nu-metal fanbase. Lucky for King—and all of us, really—the whole nu-metal trend faded away pretty quickly.


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