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Illustration for article titled Lily Tomlin to co-star in Reba McEntire’s new sitcom pilot

Lily Tomlin’s no stranger to the small screen, but it’s been a long time since she’s had a regular television gig rather than a recurring role. Now, it looks like Tomlin is taking the leap into full-time sitcom work with none other than country queen Reba McEntire. The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that Tomlin is going to play Reba’s Southern mother in the pilot for the upcoming ABC comedy Malibu Country. Because all Reba McEntire shows have to be about a feisty woman recovering from a divorce, Malibu Country centers on Reba’s life after a rocker ex-husband leaves her with nothing but a house in Malibu, where the eponymous heroine tries to re-launch her singing career. Bet on some Nashville-California culture clashes and a hefty dose of Reba sarcasm. For her part, Tomlin seems to be gravitating toward the maternal roles lately, though Reba’s mother will likely be a far cry from Web Therapy’s upper-crust, deliciously-named Putsy Hodges. Welcome back, Lily. Won’t you stay a while?


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