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Lily Tomlin spills the beans on a Dolly Parton Netflix show

Photo: Kevin Winter (Getty Images)

Despite being tight-lipped about the Netflix show she stars in with Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin inadvertently broke the news about a different Netflix series featuring another one of her 9 To 5 co-stars. As Indiewire reports, Tomlin and Fonda refused to spoil anything about new Grace And Frankie episodes, even though they were at a For Your Consideration event for the dramedy. When asked about future guest stars on the hit dramedy, Tomlin explained why Dolly Parton hadn’t yet popped up for an ersatz 9 To 5 reunion. “We’d like to see Dolly and we keep hoping we’ll work out a schedule, but she’s just so busy,” Tomlin told Deadline. “She does so many things, and now she has a big show deal herself at Netflix, so I don’t know.”

Shortly after that post began making the rounds, Netflix announced an eight-episode anthology series inspired by Parton’s music. Every episode will be based on one of the country music queen’s songs, and Parton will both appear in the show and executive produce. Along with news of the green light, Deadline shared this statement from Parton:

As a songwriter, I have always enjoyed telling stories through my music. I am thrilled to be bringing some of my favorite songs to life with Netflix. We hope our show will inspire and entertain families and folks of all generations, and I want to thank the good folks at Netflix and Warner Bros. TV for their incredible support.


Parton reached a deal with NBC a couple years ago for a series of standalone TV movies based on her music, including the highly successful Coat Of Many Colors, and its holiday-themed sequel, Christmas Of Many Colors: Circle Of Love.

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