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Next season’s American Horror Story: For Her has already been confirmed to be all about “female power”—a radical departure from the first two seasons, which were primarily about dudes racing monster trucks—and today Ryan Murphy has confirmed that yet another familiar female is returning to wield some of that power. Lily Rabe will be back alongside fellow AHS vets Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, and very possibly season one’s Taissa Farmiga, playing one of the many characters in Murphy’s “horror romance.”  The nature of that character is obviously still being kept under wraps for now, though given that she’s already played a morose, grief-stricken ghost and a naughty possessed nun, maybe this time she’ll get to play something a little more upbeat, in keeping with the third season’s more “lighthearted” tone and themes of powerful sisters doing it for themselves. Like a wedding planner who, ironically, just can’t seem to be lucky in love! Then she murders a bunch of people.


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