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Although she announced back in August of 2012 that she was henceforth going by her married name, Lily Rose Cooper, the erstwhile Lily Allen cannot be domesticated—as her ballyhooed “Hard Out Here” video proved—so she re-embraced her given name. Continuing apace, she announced last night on the UK’s Graham Norton Show that her new album is called Sheezus.


Allen was there to perform her new single, “Hot Air Balloon,” and news spread quickly to those of us living several hours behind the UK that her new album would have what she called “a confident title choice,” according to British Glamour. The story was picked up on everything from Billboard to Perez Hilton—well, except for the British tabloid The Daily Mail, which exclaimed: “Skinny Allen! Lily shows off her svelte physique in sexy red shirt and pencil skirt to perform on The Graham Norton Show.” It didn’t mention the album.

Allen’s website says Sheezus will be out this spring. Somewhere, one of Kanye’s handlers was tasked with explaining who Lily Allen is to him.

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