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We’ve known since back in March that YouTube star Lilly Singh would soon be getting her own NBC late-night show, filling the hole left in all our hearts by the departure of Carson Daly’s Last Call. (Hugs and kisses to all our Lasties, Callies, and Carsonomicists out there in the audience!) Now NBC has released some details about the show—cheekily titled A Little Late—and the showrunner who’ll be keeping things ticking over behind the scenes.


Per The Hollywood Reporter, John Irwin—a former Late Night With Conan O’Brien and MadTV producer—will be helming behind-the-scenes duty on the series, even as a gender-balanced writers room that includes veterans from The Late Late Show With James Corden, Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show, and Comedy Central’s recent Alternatino, craft jokes for Singh.

The star made her name online as an interviewer and comedy star, scoring guests as big (literally) as Dwayne Johnson for her channel, ||Superwoman||. She announced her new gig with an appearance on The Tonight Show earlier this year, and will become—and this is still a pretty huge bummer to contemplate, right?—the only woman hosting such a program in network late night. (Seriously? And only at 1:35 a.m.?) The strategy for the show will reportedly (and unsurprisingly) focus on internet content, featuring plenty of social media-friendly videos in addition to more traditional interviews. The series is set to debut on Monday, September 16.

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