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Lilith Fair cancels 10 dates in South, provides bonanza of easy jokes

The resurrected Lilith Fair has canceled 10 dates of its current tour, mostly in the South, providing smartasses everywhere an opportunity to make easy jokes about that region, the tour, and as a bonus, Utah. Southerners don't seem to cotton to uppity womenfolk. See? Easy!

To be fair, two of the 10 cities aren't in the South, but one of them is Salt Lake City, and really, Utah's like a detached Southern state. The full list of cancellations:

Salt Lake City (7/12)
Montreal (7/23)
Raleigh (8/4)
Charlotte (8/6)
West Palm Beach (8/10)
Tampa (8/11)
Birmingham (8/12)
Austin (8/14)
Houston (8/15)
Dallas (8/16)


Rumors have circulated for a while now that ticket sales were lagging for tour, but it's not just Lilith. Ticket sales for everyone from Rihanna to the seemingly bulletproof Jonas Brothers have been slumping. And if free-spending tweens can't save the concert industry, what chance does anyone else have?

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