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Lil Wayne says he’s being held (creative) prisoner by Cash Money Records

Lil Wayne says both he and his creativity are “a prisoner” of his longtime label, Cash Money Records, and that his new record, Tha Carter V, may never come out because his mentor, Baby, “refuse[s] to release it.”

While this conscious withholding could be a smart decision depending on what Tha Carter V sounds like (New single “Off Day” certainly isn’t great), Weezy says it’s unreasonable that Tha Carter V has been in limbo since at least October, if not longer. In a series of tweets posted Thursday afternoon, Wayne said that he doesn’t blame his fans if they’re “fed up with waiting for” the record, noting that he wants “off this label and nothing to do with these people but unfortunately it ain’t that easy.” He also said that he is “truly and deeply sorry” for frustrating his friends, family, and self, saying that he should never have put himself in “this situation.”

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