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Lil Wayne has been having some issues with his label, Cash Money Records. Back in December, Lil Wayne—whose real name may or may not be Lillian Wayne Carter—took to Twitter to complain about the label refusing to release his latest album, Tha Carter V, and also to say that he wants “nothing to do with” Cash Money. Unlike most angry rants that people tweet about, though, Lil Wayne has actually continued to care about this. In fact, he cares about it so much that he’s now suing Cash Money for $51 million. (Insert easy “cash money” joke here).


That comes from TMZ, which reports that Wayne is claiming Cash Money has neglected to pay him an $8 million advance for when he began recording Tha Carter V as well as $2 million from when he completed it. Wayne argues that, since the label apparently has no interest in paying him or releasing the album, he deserves to be freed from his contract. Oh, and he deserves to be given $51 million on top of that. TMZ’s sources say Cash Money can still release Tha Carter V, but only if Lil Wayne gets this money. So at least the album might actually come out now, though the label might have to sell it as a special limited-edition that costs several thousand dollars. Also, Fader has copies of the actual legal documents, if you’re interested in that.

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