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Everybody who’s anybody is trying to ride the heat from Lil Nas X’s instant-classic “Old Town Road,” especially after he brought in Billy Ray Cyrus of all people to teach the Billboard charts a lesson. Since then, Diplo made a remix, some actual horses got involved, a few famous people made cameos in the video, then there was a screamo cover for some reason, and Lil Nas X recently released another remix with yodel kid Mason Ramsey and Young Thug that will probably also be a hit.

Now, speaking with XXL, Lil Wayne has also revealed that he’s getting in on the “Old Town Road” game, explaining that “they” asked him to an “official remix.” He admits that he’s not sure if they’ll use what he came up with, but clips of it having leaked out. At the very least, it sounds like it involves Lil Wayne rapping over an instrumental version of the song. Maybe Lil Nas X is just waiting a few more weeks before dropping another version? That is just good marketing, after all.


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