In a decision made with the same careful, Mountain Dewliberation with which he makes all of his life choices, Lil Wayne got the word "BAKED" tattooed on his face, as you can see from the photo below and the headline above. While it also has an obvious double meaning (Lil Wayne sure likes muffins!), Lil Wayne's new face ink is, according to LilWayneHQ, first and foremost a tribute to Baker Skateboards—a testament to the rapper's new dedication to skating, talking about skating, and having skating-related things on his face, so when you look at him you will suffer no uncertainty as to whether Lil Wayne is into skating. Because he is definitely into skating. "Man, suddenly my ice cream cone shooting lightning bolts face tattoo seems kinda dumb and meaningless," Gucci Mane probably said, as the ice cream cone began shooting lightning bolt-shaped tears. [via BuzzFeed]