For Lil Wayne fans the wait has been, at times, excruciating, but today the anticipation is at an end: The second delay announcement for Tha Carter IV has been released, and it’s easily as hot as the first. Back in April, Wayne dropped his debut delay from May 16 to June 21 as a tantalizing taste of future delays to come; that delay featured a killer guest spot from Young Money’s Mack Maine, where he explained that the album was being put on hold again so that Wayne could continue tweaking lines, as well as prep a new “crossover” single that would feature a surprise collaboration with a secret group. Today’s delay, which pushes the album back from June 21 to August 29, might be Lil Wayne’s most ambitious delay yet, even without those extra additions. In fact, lacking any further explanation at all, it’s a stripped-down return to form for Lil Wayne, a straight-ahead, no bullshit delay—the kind of delay that’s made for the streets.