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Lil' Wayne Condemns, Defends Mixtape DJs in Hip Hop Non-Shocker

In news that will shock absolutely no one familiar with the controversial rapper's wonderfully erratic behavior, Lil Wayne has said something stupid and provocative that has the potential to make him tons of powerful enemies, then diplomatically/profanely backed off his original statement.

In an interview with Foundation magazine the outspoken wordsmith launched into a foul-mouthed diatribe against mix-tape DJs, cogently arguing "I am anti-mixtape. I don't know no mixtape DJ's. If you're a mixtape DJ, f**k ya. I am pissed off at the mixtape game. They suckin' my d**k but won't let me cum."


That's a spicy metaphor! Not surprisingly, Wayne's statements didn't win him many fans among DJs. So it came as no surprise when Wayne clarified that he wasn't against all DJs, just a few that raised his ire. When talking with tastemaker DJ Drama, Wayne claimed that his comments were directed only towards "them Empire n***as. When I put the disc in, these n***as on there talking like 'yo n***a, this our seventh time around what's good and these n***as hating on us. If you made the Wayne's World Volume 1-7 your mama's a b**ch. And if you the Empire n***a, I hope you die twice tomorrow. But every other DJ, I f**k with you and I wouldn't be s**t without you, to tell the truth."

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Oh, and mix-tapes DJs. For the love of all that is holy and sacred, please let Wayne cum. It's the least you can do.