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Admittedly, there aren’t many more avenues that Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” can traverse at this point. After an initial scuffle with the country Billboard charts, it has incurred global support, remix after remix after inexplicable remix, and a pretty great music video under its horseshoe belt buckle. There is one bit of territory that juggernaut still hadn’t quite conquered yet: elementary school. Well, until now, that is.


The rapper stopped by Lander Elementary in Ohio for a surprise appearance. Dressed to the fringed nines, Lil Nas X entered the gym to a roar of adolescent praise just before hitting the stage. The kids needed very little prompting when it came to shout-singing along, and the result is pretty precious, ear-piercing screams and all. You can skip to 1:13 if you want to witness what he dubs the biggest show of his life.

Lil Nas X seems to be on a continued mission to spread positivity with his viral hit for as long as he’s allowed, and he’s built a devoted fanbase with the youth and educators. Here’s Ms. Merlette’s third grade class remixing the tune in order to declare their victory over math.

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