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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
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After cleaning up at the Grammys and winning a Doritos dance-off against Sam Elliott—look, it was for a Super Bowl commercial“Old Town Road” scribe Lil Nas X is setting his sights on dominating 2020. The latest case in point: His new music video for “Rodeo,” which features a guest spot from his namesake, Nas. Together, the pair are, let’s see here, vampire-zombies trapped in a Jigsaw test from Saw that’s also riddled with The Matrix iconography. Hey, as “Old Town Road” proved, everything sort of smooshes together when you grow up on the internet.


Check out the latest single, apparently also sponsored by Doritos (and Estée Lauder), below:

We dunno. We’ll probably need to hear Sam Elliott solemnly recite the lyrics before we can make up our minds on this one.

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