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Lil Nas X calls Guy Fieri a "legend," teasing the bomb-dot-com collaboration that could be

Photo: Guy Fieri (Ethan Miller/Getty Images); Lil Nas X (Rich Fury/Getty Images

“Flavor Town road remix” are four words we did not know we needed in our lives, but Guy Fieri—who is good, actually—just served them up like a plate of piping hot sliders. Last night, the Diners, Drive-Ins, And Dives host hit up viral rapper Lil Nas X to ask if, somehow, some way, that Old Town Road” can lead to Fieri’s mythic Flavor Town, which we guess is two words now.


Sure, the initial tweet, which finds Fieri photoshopped onto a horse, reeks of opportunistic fave-bait, but Lil Nas X’s response turns this silly bit into an actual possibility. “It’s never too late for u legend,” Lil Nas X, who has, like the rest of us, clearly spiraled an evening away with triple-D reruns, responded.

Fieri’s team was quick to capitalize on the rapper’s response, sharing yet another photoshopped image, this one referencing “Panini,” a track on Lil Nas X’s upcoming LP. A clever catch, that.


You know that Fieri’s people are already sweatily dialing up Lil Nas X’s team, pitching ideas for a Fieri-starring video for the track, which, to be honest, we’d watch the hell out of. Get Matthew McConaughey in there while you’re at it.

Another bonus of this exchange? We learned that Guy Fieri’s Twitter bio simply reads “Guy Fieri.” A legend, indeed.


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