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Like winter, Game Of Thrones spoilers are coming

Again with the spoilers, you guys? Photo: HBO

[Here’s the requisite spoiler warning for Game Of Thrones, though we’ve done our best to limit the discussion to their existence.]

Where Game Of Thrones season six was kind of spoiled by several leaked episodes, the plot of the show’s penultimate season might have already been spilled—and on Reddit, no less. According to Deadspin, a Redditor with the user name awayforthelads posted a bunch of plot details to a subreddit where GoT speculation and theorizing abound. If that sounds sort of familiar, it’s because the news broke a couple weeks ago, when it was promptly rejected by people who refused to accept the notion of a meeting between a certain pair of characters.


Their legitimacy was also disputed by another Redditor, in a disagreement that must certainly be a first for the site. But after photographic evidence of certain encounter was shared by the stalwarts at Watchers On The Wall, people started wondering if there wasn’t some truth to these latest rumors. HBO hasn’t weighed in on the supposedly insightful ramblings of said Redditor, but these rumors are more proof that we’ll all have to be as vigilant as the Night’s Watch to avoid having the new season spoiled for us.

[via Complex]

[Note: Deadspin, like The A.V. Club, is owned by Univision Communications.]

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