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In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, iconic horror filmmaker John Carpenter has teased that he’d “love to direct” a new feature film at some point, but only on two conditions: He wants to make sure it’s “the right thing to do” at his age (he’s 70), and he refuses to back to the Arctic to make another Thing movie. “I want to take it easy,” he says, “I want to enjoy myself.”

Thankfully, Carpenter seems to be having no problem taking it easy and enjoying himself, as he tells Entertainment Weekly that the only two important things in his life right now are “basketball, when the season starts, and video games.” As it turns out, he’s a way bigger fan of video games where “you have to sit in a chair and really get up and do anything” than he is of going to the Arctic and making alien movies with Kurt Russell. “That’s my job now,” he adds, “to sit around and do nothing.”


That may be disappointing for Carpenter fans to hear, but in his defense, that new Spider-Man game is really cool. Also, the new Destiny 2 expansion has really reinvigorated that game, and Red Dead Redemption 2 comes out at the end of the month. Screw making movies, video games are way better right now.

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