Now that The A.V. Club has named our best and worst movies of 2010, we can start picking them apart and looking for patterns. For example, did you know that AVC’s No. 4 favorite, Inception, is practically the same movie as our second-worst cinematic abortion, Sex And The City 2? How can this be, you ask? Because they’re both all about the layers, man. Don’t believe us? Well, here’s graphical proof!

Inspired by director Christopher Nolan’s “dream layer map” for Inception, as revealed in Inception: The Shooting Script, Vanity Fair has created a similar layer map for The Girls’ harrowing trip though the layers of vapidity. Apparently the “kick” in SATC2 is “exhausted discussions about monogamy,” which seems more like a reason to go to sleep than to wake up. [Click the images to open hi-res versions.]

(Nolan's original map)

(Sex And The City 2 layer map)