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Like everything else from the ’90s, Zima is making a comeback

Photo illustration: Kevin Pang

Zima, the preferred drink among dudes who wear suit jackets over Old Navy T-shirts, is making a comeback in the U.S. market after a nearly 10-year absence. Ad Age is reporting that MillerCoors is reintroducing the fizzy malt beverage sometime in 2017, following the renewed interest in similar boozy carbonated drinks like its Henry’s Hard Sodas line.

With its “Zomething different” tagline, Zima—which could be described as tasting like an alcoholic Sprite—shot out of the gate stateside in 1993, selling a million-plus barrels in its first year. But it gained a reputation among men as a “girly drink,” and for a while, Zima was the butt of David Letterman’s nightly Top 10 list.

Its fate was sealed in 1995 with the introduction of Zima Gold, a boozier drink reminiscent of bourbon and Coke meant to attract male drinkers. It was a major flop, and Zima Gold was taken off shelves three months after its launch. (Pete Coors called the Zima Gold experiment “a huge disaster.”) Sales of Zima in the U.S. continued to dwindle, and it was discontinued in October 2008.


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