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Like everyone else, Dr. Dre asks that you please stop talking about a Tupac hologram tour

Echoing anyone who's been on a social media site in the last week or so, Dr. Dre has asked that people please knock it off with all the "hologram" talk, specifically the rumor that Dre plans to send Virtual Tupac out on tour to delight and/or unnerve the masses. As Dre says in the below video message posted from backstage, these people should "get it right [emphatic arm movement]" that his dead collaborator was digitally manipulated back to life solely for Coachella, and—even though Dre himself has suggested it could lead to other special effect resurrections for Marvin Gaye or Jimi Hendrix—he's not certain whether the hologram will ever live on beyond that, except in obvious quippy rejoinders to any story of a dead celebrity. "If a tour happens, we'll see," Dre says, officially killing the rumor that a Tupac hologram tour is in the offing, thus allowing it to be brought back to life later as a hologram. Ha ha! Hologram! [via Fader]

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