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Like all of us, Denny’s social media team cannot bear the agony of life

The “zoom in” meme goes like this: s\Someone takes a picture, asks you to zoom in on a specific section, and when you get in close you see instructions to zoom in to another section, leading you on a goose chase to some sort of punchline. Here we go:


Connect the dots and discover a—ah, fuck it, eventually it says “La La Land does not deserve to win Best Picture tonight,” which is fitting, because then it both did and did not, because life is a series of cruel punchlines and all happiness is a mere set-up for failure. As is the case with any meme worth its salt, “zoom in” has been increasingly combined with other memes and co-opted by brands. If this all feels like a waste of your time, well, the social team at Denny’s agrees:

Once you zoom in, it gives more directions, leading internet users on—eh, who gives a shit, the whipped cream says, “has this distracted you from overwhelming existential dread lol.”


This is a light co-opting of the famous Nihilist Arby account, which has proven so successful that at this point it is almost expected for family-friendly chain restaurants to have glib, self-loathing internet presences, which is at least better than earnestness. Alternately, a brand can act like IHOP, and reply with the casual thirst of a Tinder power-user:


[via Mashable]

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