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Don’t know about you all, but it’s a pretty scary time to be alive. Pandemics, climate change, Andrew Cuomo’s nipples—these are just a few of the things keeping us up at night lately. It’s with this in mind that we extend our sincerest thanks to David F. Sandberg, director of Lights Out, its spooky source material, and Shazam!, who earlier this morning released a new, quick lil’ creepy outing called Shadowed for anyone out there needing one more thing in this world to terrify them.


”Made a new 3 minute horror short, ‘Shadowed’...because what else are we going to do while stuck indoors,” Sandberg tweeted earlier this morning, which, y’know, fair. Like both his short film and feature-length horror tales, the filmmaker’s newest offering centers on freaky-ass things we think we see once the—you guessed it—lights go out at night. Lotta Losten, star of this as well as the Lights Out short, must have a pretty extensive sizzle reel of her nervously tip-toeing through vacant, dimly-lit houses.

We’re confident you’ll survive one of your husband’s short films one of these days, Ms. Losten!


[via SyFy Wire]

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