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Screenshot: Not Alone In Here (YouTube)

If you had to guess which filmmaker would be the most productive under quarantine, Steven Soderbergh seems like the obvious answer. But Soderbergh was recently selected to head a DGA task force charged with developing recommendations for reopening Hollywood, so he’s understandably busy at the moment. Thankfully, another filmmaker is having a rather productive time in the most unproductive era of our lives: David F. Sandberg, the director of Lights Out and Shazam!. Six weeks after releasing “Shadowed,” his first horror short made in quarantine, Sandberg is back with the spooky “Not Alone In Here”:

As with “Shadowed” and the original “Lights Out” short, “Not Alone In Here” is the result of a collaboration between Sandberg and his wife, Lotta Losten. The Swedish actress, designer, and photographer stars as a woman whose nightly ritual of locking up the house is disrupted by the certainty that she is no longer alone inside. Through voice over, we hear the woman’s inner monologue and her growing anxiety, and we watch as she makes choices that many women will find acutely relatable: clutching a key between her fingers as a potential weapon, convincing herself it’s nothing and even leaving a funny note for the possibly-imagined intruder. Those relatable elements also make “Not Alone In Here” all the more unsettling, like watching as one of your worst fears is confirmed.

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